Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

Holy cow, a year in one place...who-da-thunk-it? Not me! Truly, I do love this thing called blogging. There is something about documenting my life in text and photos, all the while getting to know other bloggers, that is very fulfilling. In a year's time, I have still not quite found a certain groove or genre or niche for my blog...I just put whatever is on my mind or whatever current events are going on in my life at the time into words.

It works for me. 

What blogging style works for you?

For a quick high-light reel of my first full year as a blogger, click the links below!

Weekend Aftermath
Holiday Decor
Happy New Year!
School Band
School Blog!!!
A Snowy Winter for the South (we ended up with 7 snow days)
Daughters and Dating!
Crock Pot Cookin'!
Spring Break
Broken Hearts
Dancing Feet
Wild Weather
First Family Vacation!
30 Day Challenge! (check out all 30 posts! Some are decent, some are 'em anyway!)

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