Saturday, October 29, 2011

Licensed to Drive...

God help us all!

Yesterday, Lefty took the driving portion of her driver's test. She passed. It was so hard watching her drive away without me in the car beside her. Just to clarify, she isn't licensed to drive alone...but with a licensed driver over the age of 21. Because she is just 14, it is considered a learner's permit. The permit is a restricted license; looks just like mine, except that it has a red stripe where mine has a yellow stripe. A hard plastic ID card...I told her she has to start watching her tracks now! Sigh. Where does the time go?

We also took her to have a practice session with her stylist, because last week we found out that she was chosen for Colors Day Court at her school. Essentially, it is the same thing as Homecoming. At the high school, there is Homecoming for football season and Colors Day for basketball season. She is in junior high, so they limit it to one event in between both seasons. Crowning will be on Tuesday as they are escorted by the boys selected for court at a pep rally (no one knows who is queen yet...there will be a dramatic reveal at the pep rally), and then the court will be escorted by their fathers to be recognized at the last football game of the season.

The team that Lefty cheers for (she is the captain of her cheer squad) won the 2011 Conference Championship last week. If they win on Tuesday night, they will be undefeated in conference play. They are the first team from our town to be conference champions three seasons in a row. Team spirit runs deep and wide for this group of boys, and morale is really high right now! I am thrilled that she gets to cheer for and support such a talented group of young men. High school football should be pretty exciting! The basketball team is just as gifted, so there will be more team spirit to come. If you couldn't tell, I am one pretty proud momma...not just of my girl, but of her amazing friends as well! They might as well all be my babies!
Lefty is the one with the red lipstick...go bold or go home, I suppose!

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