Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Full Speed Ahead...

...and it's only Tuesday night! What a week we have had so far. This post may feel like picture overload! Yesterday, Halloween, was my mom's birthday. I stopped by there on my way home to say hey and happy birthday to the wonderful young lady! Then, I picked up a car full of cheerleaders to take trick-or-treating. I imagine that it was probably the last year that I will be asked to do that for Lefty. Boo was at her dad's. It was a bit weird to only have one of my daughters with me for an event like that. Lefty was Alice in Wonderland. These girls really cracked me and Chris up all night! This is how much fun was had...

Today was Colors Day. I mentioned it briefly here a few days ago. We were excited to find out that her pep rally escort was to be one of her best friends from as far back as kindergarten. He was so cute then, when he would wait in the office for her every morning to carry her backpack to the playground. He was so handsome today, as he escorted her across the basketball court, looking like he belonged in GQ and she could have graced the pages of ANY magazine!

Shot of the back of those great shoes and the cute hair! 
So many people came to see my girl today. She is definitely a kid to be proud of. I love seeing how people react to her...especially when they think no one else is looking. There were many girls looking at her in what appeared to be envy...just that 'gawd, I wanna be like you' look. A look you probably only see in junior high, since older girls learn to wear a mask over their feelings. Other great moments from the day were...

Hubs and Lefty

Me and Lefty...she makes me look like a midget!

Lefty with my mom

Lefty, my Nanny (my grandma, who just turned 81 last week), and Boo

She couldn't stand it and had to change so she could be cheering with her squad!

Got facial expressions much?

She looks so grown up!

It was cold...she was freezing!

The Court...

Then tonight, the girls were escorted by their fathers onto the football field during a pre-game ceremony.

I wish I had taken this grown up girl's picture as we ended the day...she begged for ice cream on our way home. So what did we do? Stopped and got her some, of course! Perfect end to a terrifical kind of day!

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  1. Ooh, those are great shoes! She looks beautiful :)


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