Sunday, September 18, 2011

Challenge Day 1/30...Relationship Status

Married, that's me. For the third time actually. This time's right. My Knight is my saving grace. He keeps me sane. Balances out my paranoia, my instability, my bitchiness...He is all that is good, kind, generous, giving, patient...essentially everything that I am not! I love him. I love being his wife. I would never change my life as his wife.

When we met, we were both still married to our first spouses actually. He doesn't remember meeting me at that time. He was dropping off The Boy in the church nursery, and I just happened to be filling in that day. It turns out his first wife and I were acquaintances through mutual friends and had attended several gatherings together. He and I didn't see each other again for five years. At that time, he had been divorced a couple of years. I had been divorced for four years and was separated from my 2nd husband. We started talking over the phone and online, and one Sunday evening, he just showed up at my house. He stayed for hours. We were soon spending a lot of time together. He quickly became my best friend. The shoulder that I cried on, the one who helped me laugh again, the man that showed me through his gentle ways that he wouldn't hurt me as others had, the one who got me through financial troubles, the man that loved my kids...that was this man. On the day that my divorce was final (six days before Christmas), he left work to be at my house when I got back from the courthouse. He said that since I was no longer married, would I please be his girlfriend? It was so cute and sweet...of course the answer was yes. We were married in a beach wedding on August 8, 2010...and it was and has been all that I could ever ask for!

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