Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Time and time again, I see fellow bloggers taking on various challenges for their blogs...project 365, 30 day challenges, 30 in get the drift. Thanks to Sarah, author of Sunlight After Rain, who borrowed it from Megan, at Freckled Italian, I am going to embark on this 30 day challenge. Some of the topics may be difficult to put into words. I may hurt my own feelings. I haven't decided if I will manage to do it in 30 days, or if I will space it out when the overwhelming urge to blog a specific topic comes up. Doing the challenge in 30 days will probably mean some days will have more than one post. Not sure I can tolerate OCD may kick in! It's my intention to get started with my next post (probably Friday). Until then, happy blogging!!!

The Challenge:


  1. Wow! Thank you SO much for mentioning me! I am so excited to read your posts and cannot wait to see how ours compare :)

  2. wow good luck with the 30 day challenge. i am visiting from Sunday Blog love, good luck and I look forward to reading more about you the following days...



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