Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yes, Lysol. The disinfectant spray, wipe, any form it comes in...I need it! Sickness has hit la hacienda de The Knight Life. Since Thanksgiving, someone is our house has been puny. Chris had a horrid sinus infection and cough that lasted from the day after Thanksgiving until mid-December. For about two weeks everyone was great.  However, Loo came down with tonsillitis a few weeks ago. The meds she got weren't strong enough, so she still has it and is on round two of antibiotics, even though it is suspected to be a viral infection. Last week, Lefty developed a nasty cough that settled into her chest. It's just now getting better a full week after her Z-pak is gone.

Now, my job brings me in contact with all sorts of sickness. Kinderbabies don't discriminate on sharing one thing...germs. Our school has been plagued by a slew of illnesses: flu, stomach bug, strep throat, random viral infections,etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I am talking sickness to the point that we have run out of subs. Last Friday, both of our nurses were out, and the sub nurse had to be sent home...two with confirmed cases of the flu, the other with suspected flu and horrible bronchial inflammation. One third grade class had to send 11 kids home in one day...eight were from the flu. So it really wasn't any surprise when three weeks ago, I started having a scratchy throat and sinus headaches. I still have the headache. And the drainage. And yesterday, my Ms. Nurse found white blisters in my throat. Last night, just before I went to bed, you'll never guess what hit me. Yep. Stomach bug. Boo has it too. So we are home today. I hope it all ends with a mild stomach bug. Mine is probably tonsillitis plus stomach though. As long as it isn't anything more, I will be content.

Unfortunately, today was the day for the housekeeper to come and clean. I texted her this morning and said, "STAY AWAY!" So guess what I will be doing this weekend? You guessed it again. Mercy, y'all are smarties! I will be disinfecting. Bleach will be my buddy. Until then...

This is me

This is me on stomach bug.

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