Friday, February 1, 2013

Poop, Puke, and the DMV

At bedtime last night, I started running a mild temp. I was also still having tummy troubles from the nasty stomach bug Boo and I picked up, so I decided to go ahead and stay home another day with her. Better safe than sorry. I slept hard all night (no worrisome wakeups, hooray!), until the phone rang at 8 AM! The dentist office confirming an appointment for next week. Why must they call at such inopportune times? And incessantly, I might add. They call repeatedly, then resort to my work phone, just to confirm an appointment. Every month. (Braces, you know). If I owed them $$$, I might understand. I don't. Just trust that my OCD 15 year old will not let me forget those monthly tightenings on her brackets. I assure you that she will not.

Around noon, I started to feel a bit more close to normal than I have all week. It occurred to me that I forgot to get the tags on my car renewed. They expired yesterday. Ouch. So, off I go. And when I got there...
Great. Just what I felt like doing. 
It was an hour before I was back home in my jammies. I tried really hard not to breathe the majority of the time I was there. It was cram-packed full of people...people even standing against the back wall were shoulder-to-shoulder. There were three empty seats when I got there, so I took the one on the end. Shortly after I got settled in to wait, an elderly gentleman with a walker maneuvered into the third seat. His companion sat between us. She forgot to put on her deodorant today. I threw up a little in my mouth every time she shifted. Sigh.

It never ceases to amaze me how people actually go places wearing this, that, and the other. I might as well have been at Wal-Mart. Then, to top it all off, some guy walks in wearing his shit-kickers. No, literally. Wouldn't you think a change of shoes would be in order BEFORE you get in your vehicle, much less go into a public place!?!?! Blech. I really wanted to puke again...for the second time in an hour, totally unrelated to my stomach virus! Have a little consideration people!

So when I ended up alone on a Friday night, this is how I decided to spend bad smells...just...

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  1. That's the best way to spend a Friday night! :) Here from the bloghop! Great to meet you!


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