Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ever get so busy going through the awesome blogs to be stalked around here and forget to write posts on your own? I do! I have been working tirelessly on getting through this amazing list of bloggers over at Bloggy Moms.  You should go there. Like yesterday. These blogs are seriously great. I've added so many new ones to my blogroll or twitter already, and I'm still not even to 200 yet. Once I get through them all, I may do a fave five (or fifty) post. :-) In the meantime I will keep on browsing!!! You should too!
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  1. hi jeri lynne... stopping by from oopsie maizie... thanks so much for leaving me a sweet comment the other day... glad you found me through bloggy moms :) i checked out your other blog as well... i'm currently in school for early childhood education... your kindergarten class looks like a lot of fun... that's the grade that i hope to teach one day :)


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