Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Challenge Day 17...Highs and Lows

October 3, 2010 - October 3, 2011 was a fairly evenly keeled year. We will start with the lows...just to get them over with! I don't like to dwell on the bad days! The highs were much more plentiful and are much more fun to read about!

~hearing from my doctor that my yearly exam was abnormal and required a 'scraping' to determine what was wrong. She even used the 'C' word...
~frustrating relationships (a post for a different day)
~summer's end combined with a difficult beginning to the school year
~daughter drama
~having the flu for the first time...it was the worst sick I can ever remember being. Definitely getting a flu shot this year!!!

~getting an 'all clear' from the doctor!
~finding the best bra ever! The Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Push-Up Bra. It.Is.Awesome. I got another.

~celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary with the love of my life!
~rediscovering my inner craftiness once again :-)
~finding a quilting class to take. I am stoked! And my mommy is taking it too!
Class supplies...it was therapeutic to buy these! :-)
~making a quilt in kindergarten!!! Oh YES we DID! And it was my first and only attempt at one...EVER!
~Florida vacation! Our first major trip as a family of 6! DISNEY!
~seeing the Yankees play...and taking Lefty to her first Yankee game...priceless.indeed.
Yes, those were real tears as she realized Derek Jeter was taking the field eighty yards away from her.

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