Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Strategy January 19-25

Last week turned out to be even more busy than I though. There ended up being a basketball game every night except Monday. We didn't go to the one Friday...I was basketballed out. It was the kids' weekend to be with their 'others,' so Chris and I ordered a pizza and didn't leave the house. I was in bed at 10 p.m. It was so nice. Oh and I felt HORRIBLE all week, thanks to my Aunt Flo, so the gym never happened.

This week looks to be MUCH less intense.


  • mentor meeting after school
  • gym after dinner
  • grade level meeting at noon
  • basketball game (Lefty)
Wednesday: (usually the most hectic day of the week)
  • grade level meeting with admin at noon
  • theater practice for Boo til 4
  • geometry tutoring for Boo @ 5:30
  • gym during tutoring
  • Criminal Minds!!!
  • gym after dinner
Friday: (it's supposed to snow again)
  • mentor meeting after school?
  • Lefty has away basketball game (we aren't going)
  • special plans for the day (weather permitting)

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