Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Strategy January 12-18

Whelp, I already missed the first week of these...see what I mean about resolutions? Oh well! I am here today!!! This week is going to be just average on the busy scale. Things tend to get really crazy from January through the tenth or so of June. March slows down a little bit, thank goodness, because basketball season is over and baseball hasn't yet begun. So what is happening during the 2nd full week of January?


  • after school meeting with 'mentee' (I am mentoring a first year teacher, and we meet every Monday afternoon and Wednesday at noon)
  • Lefty - cheer practice (not sure what time she will be home yet, usually 4:30)
  • Boo - cheer @ away basketball game
  • Crockpot Chicken and dumplins' for dinner
  • gym (after dinner)


  • grade level planning meeting @ 12:45
  • gym (after school)
  • Lefty - talent show try-outs after school
  • Lefty - cheer @ home basketball game @ 7
  • left-overs from the weekend for dinner


  • 'mentee' meeting @ noon
  • planning meeting with principal and grade level @ 12:45
  • gym with Boo after school
  • Lefty - youth group
  • dinner: chicken lo mein


  • Boo - cheer at home basketball games (2)
  • dinner: crockpot french dip sandwiches


  • gym (after school)
  • adults only weekend!!! (no plans)


  • NO PLANS = school planning, cleaning, cooking, crafting

Along with all of that (it doesn't look so bad lined out like that!), I have a student teacher coming to work in my classroom from a local university. I am not really sure what day she will be coming to start the semester though, because we ended up having two more snow being on the day that she was scheduled to come and meet me. We will handle it however it happens though. I am excited to have her!

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