Sunday, March 10, 2013

One Down, One to Go

Cheer try-outs. I hate them. I wish that once you made a squad, you were on it til moving on to the next school or til you didn't want to cheer anymore. It is such a stressful time, especially when there are multiple cheerleaders in a household. Last week was our first round of try-outs for the 2013-14 squads. This kid made it...
Adorable? Yep, she is! I love her truly happy smile.
And so did her bestie! 
This is the new squad, minus four members that had already headed out of town for the weekend.
Congrats girlies!!!
Round 1 done, round 2 begins tomorrow. This kid will be the one under the gun...
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  1. Love this, especially the last picture, HA! I was wondering where you think the best place to buy cheer shoes is? Currently I go here,


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