Wednesday, January 16, 2013

~ Alas ~

No snow day today. I was rather glad we went, since it would have taken a day off away from us (or added one at the end of the year). However, it was a very early morning, since we fully expected the roads to be nearly impassable. Chris drove me the normal 30ish minute drive to work, and it just took 45 minutes as opposed to the hour it took to drive home yesterday in the 'blizzard' (haha). The day was so long. It seems like this week is just dragging by. I had one of those days when you think it is actually the next day, all day long. A bit frustrating, to say the least. Anywho, this was the view on the way in this morning...


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The flu is making its way through my school district and community. I had one kinderbaby out Monday and Tuesday, and our Title I Aide was out with it both of those days as well. Her kids had it last week. I saw on Facebook that another family got their positive flu test today. And guess what? Today, my throat began to hurt. My ears, my chest, my head, my sinuses...sigh. No fever as of now, but I definitely felt feverish all day. Hopefully it is just sinus funk, which I do have to deal with a lot. I had the flu plus bronchitis or walking pneumonia year before last and I do NOT want either of them again! Fingers crossed that I wake up perky and with a smile!

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