Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Been Awhile...A LONG While!!!

Life is so crazy around here these days. With both girls cheering at different schools and the bonus kids in a different town that is close enough to go watch some of their activities (but too far to be convenient), we seem to be using our house as a pit stop. Really. I have missed being here. I have missed journaling my life. It would be great if I could be sure that I could be here with more regularity. I don't see that happening, but I am hoping to blog more often than I have, which shouldn't be hard (at least more than five times a year).

I am thinking that this weekend I would like to 're-vamp' the blog. It has to be on the weekend, because it tends to take me forever to get it just right. I have been in a mode of change...we changed the color scheme in the living room, will be re-doing the kitchen completely this summer, changing my self (yes, a new diet...which is working this time), so why not change the blog too? Okay, I just talked me into it.

Today, Chris had to come get me from work because of winter weather. Now, you Northerners don't laugh...I don't have 4-wheel drive on my SUV, and I have anxiety about driving when the weather is good...so when we had two inches on the ground, covering the roads...I began to panic. Hard. Core. My school is 25 minutes away from my home. It would only get worse. He closed up the business and headed to rescue me. It took us an hour to get home. The interstate was shut down because of so many accidents; apparently it was a solid sheet of ice. The highway wasn't too bad, just patchy. Tomorrow morning will be a nightmare. I am hoping for no school...maybe I will be able to get the blog all dolled up before the weekend! *Think positive, think  positive*

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