Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Have YOU Been Doing?

It's been a busy, on the go kind of life around here lately. And when I say on the go, I mean we are never home! We all pass each other in the doorway as some are coming home and the others are heading out. It was expected for May to be horrendous, but I really was hoping for some down time once school got out! Not so. Since April, here are a few of the things that my family and I have been up to...and things that I will be blogging about in more depth ASAP!

Gardening...that was in week 2


Playing with my favorite nephew!

Learning a lesson about rX instructions...

Enjoying the much as possible!

A birthday getaway for my Hubby...

a new cat!!!
Boo 8th Grade Cheer Camp!
Baseball with The Boy.
Lefty Sophomore Cheer Camp!

That's a small sampling of our lives lately...what's been on your agenda???

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