Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sick Day Ramblings

So I am home today. It was one of those mornings that I just couldn't go...anywhere. I slept til 9:45, showered, put my hair up, did not do my make-up, straightened up a bit around the house, started laundry, and sat down to catch up on technology. I had lots to do. Still have lots to do. One day is not enough, but tomorrow, the show must go on!

We have been so busy this year. It is hard to believe that we are already almost 5 months in to 2012! I feel like I have blinked and months have passed. Why?

  • First, it was basketball season for Lefty (cheering, not playing). 
  • Then, it was cheer try-out season for Lefty and Boo. Lefty made high school cheerleader (one of the only 2 freshmen that made it, on a squad of 15 girls). Boo made junior high school cheerleader. I hope she is excited about it as I am! She seems to be. They had their first practice this week, and she has been blaring band songs to practice band dances with ever since. 
  • The next thing hitting the agenda was The Boy's baseball season. He started playing travel ball this year, so instead of us having to travel twice a week to where he lives with his mom, we are travelling a 2 hour radius on the weekends. There has been drama with that...adults not doing what they promise and they haven't played as much as we thought they would. Still, it keeps us on the go!

  • Finally, it is time to wrap up the school year (thank God). It has been an especially tough year for me, for various reasons, including this. I am ready for summer. To do things like this... 

  •  and this  

In the midst of all of that 'busy-ness,' I have been working on my 'business'...J's Jingle Jangles. An Etsy store was created, garnering my first sale last week; Facebook has brought me several sales; and word of mouth has also been a great tool in getting the word out there. I even invested in yard signs and business cards (very exciting)! We purchased about 30 base forms for my wreaths in December, and now I am down to 8 remaining to work with. Yikes! Time to restock!!! 

AND...Hubs and I working to get a 'neighborhood watch' going. We had a scare in January, where a dangerous person, armed with a gun, had evaded capture by police and was hiding in the woods close to our neighborhood. There were helicopters circling for about 6 hours, every vehicle going in or out of the neighborhood was searched by police, and if we left the house, we were told to get home, get inside behind locked doors, and not let our children to play. They wouldn't tell us why. It wasn't until several hours after the escape that we heard through Facebook what was going on. Our kids were outside for about 3 hours while this crazy person was lurking in our woods. Now, I say 'our woods.' He was actually found about five miles from us the following morning, but who knows how close he got? Our house is at the end of the road...bordered on 2 sides by these woods, and a deep ditch on the third side...And no one informed the residents of what was going on? Not cool. So...we have contacted our community security guy and requested to be put on the contact list as neighborhood leaders. We are to inform residents on our street of emergency situations as they occur (when the security guy notifies us). Hopefully, it will not ever be needed again, but if it is...we will be ready!

So, yeah, we've been busy. Here are some shots of my world since February (wish I had thought to take more pics, but alas...this is what I've got):
Edgy, beautiful girl

Rainbow followed me all the way to work...

A beautiful, HOT spring break!

'Pwayed in da dut' with this precious boy

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