Sunday, June 10, 2012

Retreat! Retreat!

Sometimes it feels as though life is a bit like a battle. It seems that there is a constant struggle whether it is over how to manage time, keeping peace among the natives, work vs. play, feeling good more than bad, even what to cook for dinner. The struggle isn't always apparent, and at time isn't even recognized as a struggle...but it is tiring just the same. There are occasions in a battle when even the most seasoned soldiers would cry "Retreat! Retreat!" Over the course of our relationship, I have found that periodically, my man and I need to take a moment to retreat.

Hubby had a big birthday in May, and it has seemed that since spring break, we have been going in opposing directions. It is not intentional or by choice; it's just how the schedules have worked out with various functions that the kiddos are involved in. I decided that for the big 4-0 birthday, we needed to just get away, regardless of schedules. So, I arranged a guided trout fishing trip for us. Our destination was here...
Bull Shoals Dam
I've never arranged a trip like that on my own before, so I was a little bit nervous about the entire thing. Thank goodness all I had to do was book the guide and reserve our room. 

The primary concern I had about the entire weekend was our lodging. It was Memorial Day weekend, so EVERYWHERE was booked. All of the resorts were full, I didn't want to stay at the 'Sleep Inn,' and I did want a view of the water. Oh, and not to mention, I was booking something sight unseen. Ulcer, anyone? Needless to say, I was so relieved when we arrived at our destination, The Mountain Memories Bed and Breakfast, and saw this beautiful place!

Our host was a lovely lady who was soo sweet and accomodating, even though she was swamped with three weddings that weekend! Our room was very private, and nicer than anything we have stayed in before. There was a beautiful view of Norfork Lake from our balcony (ours was the top floor balcony shown above), and the inside of our 'suite' was pure luxury!

Gorgeous antique furniture and replicas scattered around the room.
Spa tub and shower with multiple jets, heated floors throughout.
There was even a luxury toilet...
with a bidet!!! This cracked us up! No pun intended!!!

For our day of fishing, I chose to go with a trout fishing guide named Papa Bill, recommended by a friend of mine. He was AwEsOmE!!! Papa Bill had convinced the guys in the bait shop to sing Happy Birthday to Chris before we got on the water. I wish I had known ahead of time so that I could have recorded it! So we got on the water a little before 8, and here is a little bit of what we saw and did...

A Bald Eagle!!!

Three crane nests with babies!

Doesn't this look amazingly peaceful?
We fished until a little after 4 o'clock, only stopping for an hour to use the 'privy' and eat the fantabulous shore lunch that Papa Bill prepared for us. He filleted the fish right there on the shore, fried it up on a little gas cookstove, and brought homemade cole slaw, hush puppies, and baked beans that his wife had prepared the night before. It was YUMM-O! The elegant picnic lunch started out looking...

Like this.
It cooked up a little...
Like this.
The weekend 'retreat' was a good call on this lady's part! I learned new things: fishing with a spinning reel, trout fishing, drift fishing, and that you CAN fry trout! Most importantly, the two of us truly just enjoyed each other's company and had a weekend full of no-pressure, no rush fun. On the water. Together. Catching fish. 

Can't. Get. Much. Better.
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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