Monday, December 5, 2011

A Deco' I Will Go!

This is becoming an obsession in my mind. I find myself thinking of all of the different things I can create with it. I see it everywhere. On doors. Mantels. Entry areas. Wreaths. Swags. Banisters. Trees. Pinterest. I need more. The best part? It is so easy peasy to work with. Decorative mesh. It comes in an array of designs: plain, sparkly, striped, rainbowed, name can be found. I found a ton of it at DazzleDaze. Unfortunately, I was fighting a migraine, so I couldn't make a decision on which ones I wanted to buy. We left with only lime green and red. No funky stuff. I made note of one of the stores that carries it though, and I will go back for more! Soon. 
This looks orange, but I promise it really is red!
This is what I have done with it...

I used all of the green on the door! 
The centerpiece that I keep changing...
And of course, it is on two of our Christmas trees...but those are for Wednesday's post! In the meantime, check out these awesome displays of deco mesh I have been seeing on Pinterest!
Yes, I know this isn't Christmas...but it shows deco mesh is good...all the time!
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Click on the pic to check out an awesome new blog I found, by Southern Fried Gal!
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Check out cbdesigns too!
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For the Love of Blogs

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  1. How beautiful! You do a great job and have a great creative sense! I could never come up with all that! :)


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