Sunday, December 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Dear Readers,

You have my vast apologies for being so delinquent on my posts. I have just not felt quite up to it. Thanksgiving came and went in a blur, with some fun times and some frustrating times (both my grandmother and Chris's mom told our siblings that he and I wouldn't be coming for Thanksgiving meals...and then told us that they never said such a thing...really?). I don't know about you but family affairs in my world are always that way. On top of all of that, I have been having some health issues...just a few female things, another sinus infection/cold (the second in a month), plus it seems that my previously broken back is on the edge of the fritz again. Today I will attempt to make it up to you, with this belated post about Thanksgiving. I am also hoping to schedule a few other posts in case I crash before 10 o'clock every night again this week! So with no further ado...

Thanksgiving in all of it's glory!!! (the meals we had on Thursday were at my grandmother's house and Chris's mom's...and were delicious! We are so blessed to still have older generations to celebrate with!)

We always spend the Wednesday before the big day at the Hubby's shop. He has a family owned business, and the goal is to keep it as family oriented as possible. The kids in the family are well-acquainted with the facility and the property around it, and the families of the employees are also much like family to us. Everyone shows up...employees are already there, as it is a regularly scheduled work day, but their families drop in and out as well. Our extended families come and enjoy a bit of fellowship also. Hubs and his brother smoke more meat than you would believe in our smoker all day long. There are snacks and goodies, a few beers floating around, golf cart rides, four-wheelers, and tag football games all day. It's the best part of Thanksgiving!

The Smoker
The pork loins and ribs getting doused in apple juice and brown sugar!

Hubs fixing some meat for us to snack on

The pork loin is ready to taste...

Spritzing the turkeys while another turkey uses the smoker to get warm!

And the football game begins

Only one illegal tackle was made...and it wasn't the kids!
Little Boy wasn't allowed to play with the big kids...
So Chris let him have a game of his own!

"Touchdown!" he says!
Are you sure I'm allowed to drive this thing??? (See the fear?)
I luh you.

"No go home, I stay wih you."

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