Sunday, December 11, 2011

Date Night!

How long has Breaking Dawn been in theaters? FOREVER!!! Hubs finally broke down and took me to see it. He has been so awesome to take me to see each movie in the saga. (I think he actually likes them, to tell the truth.) I was so stoked about date night that I tried a smokey eye with new colors. I tend to be fearful of new colors on my eyes because I am afraid that I will get too much...or too dark. This one worked out great!

Before our movie, my sweet guy took me to dinner at my favorite place to eat steak, Savannah's. I don't typically like steak, and very rarely will order it. On a stroke of extreme randomness one night, I ordered the special (filet mignon, topped with grilled shrimp, smothered in a garlic creme' sauce)...and now I only order steak when we go there. Delish. Truly, it melts in your mouth. This time, the special was crab stuffed filet mignon drizzled with a bleu cheese creme' sauce. Oh. My. Merciful. Heaven. Or possibly hell, because it was so decadent that it had to be sinful. After gorging on amazing steak dinners (that we got for less than half price, thanks to a coupon and an error on the ticket), we headed to the theater. The movie that I have been waiting a year to see...was eh. Just ok. However, I am very excited for Breaking Dawn, Part 2. It will be fantastical! AND I saw the preview for Snow White and the Huntsman. Can't wait! It has the guy from Thor in it...yep, there went my blood pressure. Smokin' hot. Anywho...terrific dinner, decent (but long-awaited) movie, and perfect was a great date night. Love my guy...


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