Friday, December 9, 2011

Nanny Burgers

These babies are an icon in my family. Nanny is my grandmother. Her hamburgers are unmatched. The patty is thin and the bread/bun is toasted in a cast iron skillet. Lefty and Boo always want her to fix them one. By always, I mean every time that they go to her house. Since the bus drops them off at her house after school three days a week, that means they want them a lot. Granted, she doesn't fix them one every time, but nonetheless! So Loo and The Boy had never had a Nanny Burger. They have heard about them for four years now, but circumstances have always been so that they didn't get to be there when burgers were being made.

It finally happened last week. 

Nanny Burgers look like this...

And they taste like this...

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