Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas before Thanksgiving?

Ladies and Gentlemen I have an announcement. it comes...

Christmas has arrived.

I know. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet. This weekend has been a massive flurry of activity. It all started Friday night with my Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program. Uber cute. On Saturday, we all got up and headed to Conway to watch Lou perform with her elementary school choir. You don't even have to guess what the performance was. Christmas music...a week before Thanksgiving. They sang about seven songs, including a few with variated parts to highlight the voices of the altos and sopranos. It was really cute.

The choral singing was held to get the kiddos some practice in before the holiday season is in full swing. They will be performing at the State Capitol next month. How cool is that?!?!

The venue that Lou sang at was called Dazzle Daze. It was a shopping event for small business vendors to showcase their wares. There was some fabulosity there!!! I got some amazing crafting ideas and can't wait to start working on them. Trees, centerpieces, refurbed picture frames, wreaths and swags...I could have spent all day and a lot of money there! Some of the vendors had even traveled in from other states to participate.
There was a lot of tulle and deco-mesh. It made me all tingly and stuff.
Um, this is pure terrificality!
They were even giving away this baby! For a $100 raffle ticket!
So today I was inspired and threw this together. Literally. 5 minutes.  
It isn't finished, but looks pretty fun anyway!
We grabbed a burger for lunch before leaving Conway because we had to get to Lefty's basketball game. She was cheering at a tournament all day, and missed out on the fun trip. There wasn't much of a break this year between football and seemed as though one rolled right into the other! This was how we spent the rest of the day...

I didn't know we were at a gunshow!


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