Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let Me Hear You Call Those HOGS!!!

Hello Lovelies!

The hubby decided to take me away for the weekend to a whirlwind affair of Arkansas Razorback Athletic events, shopping, and best of all...exclusive time with him! It was much needed, that's for sure!

We left town as soon as I got home from school and drove the 2 hours to NWA (northwest Arkansas). We hustled to Bud Walton Arena to catch the season opener of the Hogs basketball team with the new head coach, Mike Anderson. While we used to have season tickets, we hadn't been to a basketball game since before we got married. It felt great to be back! It was even more great that the season opener ended with a WIN! Go HOGS go!

Saturday blew in with what felt like gale force winds...there were leaves and trash and hair flying everywhere! That did not stop us from heading out to do some retail therapy! I was very much looking forward to a crafting trip to Joann (fabric and craft store), since we don't have a decent craft store anywhere close to home. I took extra spending money just for that! I also bought enough there that it will be a blog post all its own! Since it was going to be a cold booger at the football game later in the evening, we headed to the mall to buy me a cutesy-tootsey-type coat. Since I ended up leaving with two of them, I'd say it was a success! Next stop, Red Robin for a Bleu Ribbon Burger...YUMMMMM! After that, we headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Old Navy before making our way to Razorback Stadium. From then on, it was...

Notice the truck, hauling in Tusk and the cheer/pom/mascot teams!

Parking Tusk's truck...

Pre-game huddle!

The band marching in, LOVE those flags!

A cold, windy night...perfect for snuggling hubs in the stadium! (note the mega-cute red and black jacket!)

The band

More band...I love to watch them...super impressive every time!

Lining up for just another spectacular play! The Hogs moved up to #6 in the SEC, and had the top 2 plays of the night on ESPN Sportscenter Saturday night...and we saw it all live!!! 

I get goose-bumps every time the cheerleaders do's my fave!
We were in.....
Wooooooo Pig Sooieee! Razorbacks!
The only negative to the entire weekend was when I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a migraine. It had me in tears it was so bad. I went ahead and got ready for a day of shopping, but when we got in the car and started stomach revolted. We made it to the mall just in time to pull into the parking lot, open the door, and retch. Nothing came up. I got back in the car and we headed to Target for Excedrin migraine. Thank God Target was only three minutes away...but lemme just say, puking in the parking lot at Target on Sunday morning while the cart boy looks fun at all, and if I hadn't been in so much pain, it might have even been embarrassing! I was crying and telling Chris I couldn't even handle shopping (if you can fathom such a thing), we had to get home. I hated to end our mini-getaway like that. It just plain sucked. I was probably crying more over ending the trip early than I was over feeling bad!

My husband is such a great man! I love him so much, and was so glad to have spent the last two days with him, and him alone! It would be nice if we could manage more times like that, but I'll take what I can get!

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