Monday, November 14, 2011

Craft Run

Well my dears, I believe I have been the craft bug! When hubs asked if I wanted to get away this weekend, my SECOND thought (and first question) was, "Can I go to Joann?" Precious man that he is, said yes! So while I am currently hooked up with projects, I went ahead and got a few little things for the next couple of quilts, as well as added to my beginner stash of quilting tools and supplies.

1. Beginning with the fabrics...

It looks brown here, but it is a purple floral.

Black, red, and white...Lefty's school colors for her quilt.

The black was the first bolt I has treble clefs and music notes, super cute but understated!
2. Then on to notions...

Batting (80/20 blend), stencil, measuring guide, thimble, and quilting pins.
3. Finally the books...oh the books...
Quite possibly my favorite purchase of the weekend! The Civil War Sewing Circle book is amazing! Excerpts from letters and diaries written during the Civil War, depicting how integral quilting was to women's lives during that time. LOVE!!!

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