Monday, October 17, 2011

Challenge Day 30/30...Holy Cow I Did It!!!

When I started this challenge, I really didn't believe that I would see it to the finish. I am so stoked that I managed to do it! That is a definite high point of the month. This final challenge post is to be about the highs and lows of the month. Using a method that I was introduced to at a professional development meeting over the summer, I will call them 'deposits' and 'withdrawals' to my contentment bank.

Deposits to the Bank:
     *QUILT CLASS!!!
     *joining addiction
     *it's October! My favorite month!
     *receiving the Versatile Blogger award!
     *having today off as a random fall break! hooray for Mondays off!
     *finishing this challenge!
     *Cris Brown read my post about him...OMG...and commented about it on Facebook! Holy Guacamole!

Withdrawals to the Bank:
     *feeling yuck (fall allergies and a severely impacted sinus infection)
     *a sick kiddo (stomach bug led to dehydration and almost an ER visit...thank heavens for a Dr. in the fam)
     *very limited hubs time
     *a mouse in the house!

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