Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Challenge is Over,

and what do I do, but miss the first day after? Haha, it figures! Today brought me home before lunch with an upset stomach, so after a long nap here I sit, trying not to move (or else I will hurl). Even sitting completely still (other than my rapidly tapping fingers), I am still horribly nauseated. Ugh. Last week and all weekend, I had a severely impacted sinus infection that required medicine which kept me loopy until Monday. It still isn't totally gone either...I am so ready to feel good again!

Anywho, on Monday, I did feel half I got mah hur did! It was supposed to be red, blonde, and brown chunked (normal for me, but with bigger, stripes). This is what I got...
Notice the black in the front?!?! I think I like...
On Tuesday, fall blew in after a storm in my neck of the woods. Temps were in the 90s over the weekend, but after the rain, we have windy highs in the mid-60s. It feels like October...sweaters, boots...and these guys falling everywhere (this is just two days after Hubs cleaned them up the first time)...

And finally, our first glimpse of fall color, which I love!

OH, and THESE guys...they are from last year's buckets of mums on the front porch! We put them in the burn pile when they 'died,' but they were only playing dead. Turns out, in the spring, they had buds on them! We pulled them out of the buckets, put some Miracle Gro on them...and stuck them in the ground. What do ya know? They grew!

*Wednesday weigh-in = 171.7, down from 173.4*

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