Sunday, October 16, 2011

Challenge Day 29/30...30 Days of Goals

I interpret this to be 30 goals that I can accomplish in 30 days, not necessarily a goal per day. Here goes!

1. lose 4 pounds
2. Get mah hair did
3. Finish my quilt class
4. Clean out my closet at school
5. Make a Christmas centerpiece
6. Try 4 new recipes
7. Begin a Warrior Quilt
8. Learn to make giant hair bows
9. Organize my sewing room
10. Sort Disney photos
11. Frame wedding photos
12. Begin Christmas shopping
13. Organize photos on PC
14. Finish tearing pages from workbooks
15. Plan school units 3 and 4 in literacy and math
16. Exercise 20 days
17. Go to church 
18. Find a new bloggy challenge!
19. Visit more blogs!
20. Watch "The Blind Side"
21. Buy new music for the car
22. Find a new pair of jeans
23. Let Lefty drive more. Yikes!
24. Drink 2 cups of tea a day, instead of tea only all day!
25. Take more pics!
26. No more school lunches!
27. Get a flu shot
28. Decide on a Christmas gift for Hubs
29. Post more on Love2Learn
30. Set back $1 for each day I don't buy a Coke

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  1. Hello! Im Jodi from Sweets and shutterclicks and im hopping over from FTLOB Comment love!

    Love your blog, there are a few things on this post that i need to start doing as well! haha :)


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