Friday, October 7, 2011

Challenge Day 20/30...I'm A Teacher For Heaven's Sake!

Of course I think that education is important. Very important. I think that every person has the capability to become educated...perhaps not to the same degree as the next person or the person before...but educated in some manner. Sometimes the highest level of education is learning life skills; sometimes it is training to be an astro-physicist; sometimes it is educated in less desirable skills...street smarts. For the most part, children value what their parents value...whether they realize/admit it or not. If parents are learners, children typically will be curious and interested in learning new things as well.

The workforce is becoming increasingly more competitive year after year. Colleges and prospective employers look at GPAs, extracurricular involvement, community service, and how much time/effort/consistency/commitment was devoted to the various activities. The desirable students/employees are the ones that have been trained in college and career preparatory course work; students that seek out opportunities to enhance their learning and performance. Employees that have been around awhile without furthering their education or having some professional development along the way may get pushed aside, to make way for some young up and comer that does have all of the 'new' knowledge of how things work and should be done. Technology is a prime example of a skill that young workers have, but old-timers may be lacking in. Be vigilant about education...strengthen your brain...grow some brain cells!!! They may die if you don't use them...the brain needs exercise just as much as the rest of your body!

At a different level, and more personally, I am a lifelong learner. I love to learn new things. My nose is typically in a book (kindle) or googling something. Lefty is the same way. I love that she loves to learn the way I do. I feel stagnant when I am not actively learning something new. It may be a new skill, new information, or just an extension of something that I already knew...but I feel better about myself...more excited and alive...when my brain is engaged. Both of my parents are educators; my dad has multiple master's degrees. I was raised hearing jokes about 'professional college students' (the ones that keep going back for more...they never are done). That will be me. I have already started work on my first master's...took a break to get settled in my Knight Life...but am getting the itch to start up again. The mind is feeling idle.

I believe that I am rambling. I probably shouldn't have even started this post, as I know that I am not doing it justice! I have tired eyes...allergies...must get rest...

Quilt class starts tomorrow!!! Once again, learning something new!!!

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