Thursday, October 6, 2011

Challenge Day 19/30...Parents

The instruction for today's challenge simply says "disrespecting your parents." Now I am not quite sure if that means that I am supposed to disrespect them here on my blog, or if I am supposed to tell my thoughts about being disrespectful to parents. I was raised to be respectful of everyone, all of the time, so I don't think I can do the disrespecting part. I will just say this...children today are not expected to respect anyone. Not even themselves. It is very difficult to try to teach a group of 5 and 6 year olds that have not been taught the value/meaning/necessity of respect. They don't respect their parents, so they certainly don't come to the classroom knowing how to respect any person of authority. It doesn't seem to get much better as they get older from what I observe by watching the students of other grades in the building and at bus duty. I have seen children (age 5) hit their mother, scream at their grandparents, and throw themselves in the floor...yes, in front of everyone...refusing to do as they are asked...on a regular basis. It is disheartening. Children need guidance. They need an adult presence. They do not need someone that is going to just be their buddy. If you teach them from an early age to love and respect you and your rules and/or expectations...they will be your forever friend, loving and respecting you in return. Show them how to handle mistakes with grace. They will know that they can depend on you and trust you to do the right thing...and they will know what the right thing is from watching your example. 
Follow through. 
High expectations.

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