Sunday, September 25, 2011

More than Just Paper!

Heck fire, I am managing to post twice in one day! Unbelievable!!! I was really hoping to have time to do this one, because we did a really fun craft this afternoon and you guys just have to see it!

Loo has been asking for days what our craft would be this weekend, and I was really drawing a blank. It's time for fall crafts, but my brain wasn't functioning quite right to come up with anything. As I was falling asleep Friday night, it came to me. My sister-in-law had made this really cute whimsical art piece by cutting scraps of scrapbooking paper into shapes and she put it on a bright sheet of paper and framed it. It looked like a peacock. I wish I had a picture of it, as it was super cute! Anyway, I decided that we could each do our own and that way we could embellish our art however suited each individual. Everyone had total control over what he/she was doing, from paper choice to design. Here are some glimpses into our day:

 A couple of paper choices and my template.

My finished product

Everyone joins in on our family craft times!

A work in progress

 Voila'! They were adorable! Everyone worked so hard, and we really had a good time making them. It took us about an hour and a half from start to finish. The plan is for everyone to make another one for Christmas and again for Easter. They can be switched out of the frames for each season or holiday!

And to start the day off, a couple of guys from Lowe's showed up with these babies:

Whirlpool Duet with Steam. I love them! They are soooo quiet! And lo' and behold the dryer dries clothes on the first try!

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