Sunday, September 25, 2011

Challenge Day 8/30...I Can't Get No...Satisfaction

At many times in my life, I have felt completely dissatisfied. Not so these days. I love my life. It would be impossible for me to pinpoint a specific time that made me feel completely satisfied with my life, because I feel that way more often than not. Are there some things that I would like to change? Sure. Are there some things that I would like to acquire? Of course. But as a whole, I live a very secure, low drama life...enjoying my family and loving my husband. There isn't anything more satisfying than knowing that the ones I love most are happy, healthy, and content.
Some events that have left me feeling more satisfied than normal are...
   ~putting myself through college as a single mom of two under 7, final GPA a 3.86
   ~respecting myself enough to get out of a bad marriage
   ~being a smaller size at age 30 than I was at age 13
   ~any time my children celebrate successes
   ~giving birth, not once, but twice :-)
   ~creating beautiful things
   ~marrying my Knight

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