Friday, September 23, 2011

Challenge Day 6/30...I'm Just Not That Interesting!

Thirty interesting things about myself? Uhhh...I am so not that interesting! I have been thinking about this list all week, and am still struggling to finish it. I barely knew how to begin!

1. I would rather eat real food than dessert, unless dessert is tiramisu.

2. Lost 94 pounds in 10 months a few years ago, no diet or exercise. It just went away.
3. Gained 70 of said 94 pounds back in the last 4 years.
4. Endured back surgery at age 27.
5. Was a teenage pageant queen.
6. I have always gotten along better with boys...girls are too dramatic.
7. I love live music!
8. I have six magazine subscriptions, but have a hard time reading them!
9. My weakness: Coach bags.
10. When I was 15, my older brother sat on the front porch in a rocking chair with a shotgun in hand as I was getting ready to leave for my first date. Yep it really happened.
11. I have lived in the same town all of my life.
12. I moved 37 times before I was 17, all within the same town!
13. I had pre-term labor with my first pregnancy (Lefty). They stopped my labor at 20 weeks and at 26 weeks, and then she ended up having to be induced when I was 42 weeks! (yep, 2 weeks late!!!)
14. Ten years of my life were spent involved with taking piano this day, I can't play a note.
15. My favorite band is a complete unknown...One Less Reason. (That's me with lead singer, Cris Brown)
16. My grandmothers, my mother, and I hand beaded my first wedding gown before it was custom made for me.
17. At age 16, I was asked to travel to Louisiana to model and shoot a commercial for Chiquita Banana.
18. At one time, I was the head administrator of a yahoo pool league.
19. I can't get enough of Criminal Minds!!! Spencer Reed is a doll!
20. I love to eat brussell sprouts!
21. There are currently three tattoos on my skin!
22. One of my part-time jobs when I was in high school was dressing up as various Disney characters and entertaining at birthday parties and events. I was Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. I got $100 per appearance (usually an hour). Heckuva job!
23. My lip had a stud in it at one time, but I had to remove it for work. Apparently it is inappropriate for teachers to have piercings.
24. Victoria's Secret lotion (the floral ones) break me out in hives.
25. My favorite mixed drink is a kahlua and cream. Yum!
26. Coffee makes me sleepy.
27. I once jumped fully clothed into a swimming pool to rescue my daughter from drowning.
28. The cans in my pantry are categorically grouped, aligned with labels facing out.
29. Frogs terrify me.
30. I am the result of one of the first 5 reverse vasectomies in my state. Go medical advancements!

Don't say I didn't warn you...I am boring, according to my daughter!


  1. I thought this was very interesting. Every kid thinks their parents are boring...I'm enjoying this time while Sasha's young enough to still think that we walk on water cuz that clock's ticking!

  2. I think you are very interesting, and very brave lol, don't think I could have gotten past 2! Great idea for a list tho! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your list. You are a very interesting person! We have 3 things in common. I have always gotten along better with guys, love Criminal Minds, and I scared to death of frogs(my sister used to chase me with them!) Have a great day!


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