Thursday, September 22, 2011

Challenge Day 5/30...The End of Life

There are times that I have wondered how many people in the world have fleeting thoughts of suicide. I think it is much more than most would imagine. There have been a couple of times that I can think of when I felt that it was the best option for everyone around me. For me to not be around anymore. I can distinctly remember thinking that I could drive my car into the side of a bridge on the interstate and end it...with no harm to anyone else. Thank God I didn't. I have so much to live much more to do and see. And my God...what would it have done to my children??? I see now how much they rely on me and need me, even especially as teenagers. I don't really even remember what exactly caused me to have such a thought, I just remember the thought and urge being incredibly powerful. Miraculously, my mother's heart was more powerful! This is a hard topic to write about and think of people reading...I won't post more about it.

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  1. Me too, pre-kids. My daughter has saved me in a lot of ways, because I could never take her mother from her. Thanks for sharing - I know how hard it is to put these thoughts out there.


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