Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Challenge Day 4/30...Views on Religion

Given all of the conflict in the world, historically and currently, stemming from religion, it shouldn't surprise me that I am conflicted within myself over the very same thing! I believe that a person's religious beliefs are very private and personal. Each person is entitled to his/her own philosophy, but not entitled to force that philosophy on others. Do I believe it is alright to tell others of your beliefs? Sure, if you feel led to do so; however, if the other party is not interested...BACK OFF! I was forced to go to church with my mom until I was 16 raised as a Christian, and I hold many Christian of those being that God gave us free will. We are to come to Him of our own volition, not through coercion. He wants us to choose Him. My conflicts with God are my own, and perhaps in time I will work through them. He wants me to; I can feel that in my soul. Sadly, I have two Bibles in my home (that are mine)...the sad part is where they are...can you spot them?

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