Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Challenge Day 3/30...Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Ok...drugs I have zero experience with. I am not sure that I even know anyone that's just completely screwed up due to drugs. I know that I always heard so-and-so was hard core into drugs and such, but who really knows what others do unless you see it? That being said, I can't say much about that aspect except for what I see as a kindergarten teacher.

I see a five year old little boy that doesn't get to see his mother and has no idea who his father is...because she was too worried about her next fix. I am having to teach that little boy that he doesn't have to eat food off of the floor anymore...there is food available and prepared for him. I see 4, 5, and 6 year olds that can't function without twitching or bouncing or twirling or coughing their lungs out because their parents weren't concerned about the effects that their choices would have on their unborn or newborn baby. Do I think much of drugs and those that abuse drugs? Nope. Not from the highly unglam view that I get to see it from. I try not to judge...really...I have no idea what drives people to use...but I do get angry. Because I do know that those little ones Did. Not. Choose. To. Exist. As. A. Drug. Baby. Or. To. Be. Abandoned. For. A. High.

Alcohol is a different story. I was raised to think drinking was a terrible thing. Something that good people didn't do, even in moderation. As an adult, I have had my ups and downs with booze. After my first divorce, I went overboard. I was drunk every night that the kids were gone. Falling. Down. Drunk. I couldn't stand to be without them. To have failed them...my parents...my self...So I drank until I was oblivious. Then, I scared myself. I woke up on the floor of the hallway, with a badly sprained wrist and an ankle that was cut open...and I had no recollection of anything. Thank goodness I was at home! I didn't drink again for a very long time after that night. I put myself through college, met husband #2, got a job teaching, and still wasn't drinking. Now it turns out, I CAN drink in moderation. And I enjoy it every now and then. Not as a substitute for anything, not as a medication; just to go out and have a drink on occasion. I am teaching my kids that moderation is ok when you are responsible enough to be smart about where, what, how much, and who you are with when you drink. I don't want them to think it is taboo like I did...then they will crave it even more! On a different side of the same token...because of the attitudes of our families, this is our liquor cabinet...
Obscure enough?
 And this is what is inside...

It looks a little sparse right now!

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