Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Challenge Day 10/30...Firsts

My first loves were Luke Skywalker and Danny Zuko (John Travolta in Grease). Does that age me? Probably, but given that I wasn't born when the movies came out and just in kindergarten when I was crushing on them, I think it's okay. My first real love? Lefty. My first TRUE romantic love? Chris, husband #3. Love is so easy with him. It makes me think it was not ever really love before, just being in love with the idea of being in love.

My first kiss...now there is a story! Well, unless you count the kiss in the basement of my next door neighbor's house when I was 6. It was under duress at the insistence of his older brother. Gross. Now for the first real kiss...
I was 13. He was 15 and lived in the next town over. My oh my was he a cutie. It was during spring break of my 8th grade year. He had come over to watch movies and go out for ice cream. We had finished the movies, and mom and dad had let us go out on the deck to make out listen to music. We decided to sneak down beside the deck in a quiet, dark corner to slow dance. I believe the song was Alan Jackson's 'Midnight in Montgomery.' He leaned in slow...I didn't know which way to turn my head...we bumped noses. We laughed, then we kissed. A real kiss, tongues included...and then my dad was there. Yelling. He made the poor guy leave and walk to the end of the road, where he had to sit until his ride showed up. I was not allowed to even speak to him again. I was grounded til school was out, which really wasn't a big deal to me, because I was never allowed to do much of anything anyways. What was a big deal was not being allowed to see or speak to Dustin again. It was such a big deal that two years later, when random circumstances caused us to see each other again, we hung out several times together without the parental units knowing. Eventually it really became too difficult to sneak around as much as we were, so we gave up. He wanted to go to my dad and ask him to let us see each other again, but I didn't want him to risk life and limb for me. Before I met Chris, I often wondered if my life would be different if I had let him. It's quite possible that I wouldn't have dated my first husband if things with Dustin had ended differently, but then I would not have my babies...so...no regrets. :-)

What was your first kiss like? Memorable? Regrettable? Sweet? Sassy?

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