Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best of Intentions...

We've all heard the lines about where our intentions get us...such as, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions," "there's good deeds and there's good intentions; they are as far apart as Heaven and Hell," "I had great intentions, but look where they got me." I saw one today that made me stop and consider its place in my life. "Intentions are only as good as the actions behind them and the effort put forth to make them a reality." Hmm. I am great with intentions...terrible at action and effort, which could be much of the reason behind why I always feel like I am performing at less than my potential calls for.

Take my 'diets,' if you will. There is always an intention to be on a 'diet' or 'workout plan,' but rarely any action or effort consistently put forth to exact results from those...intentions. The same goes for my blogs. I love blogging. Really I do. I am constantly taking pictures or jotting down ideas for posts...and then y'all never see them. The intention to post often, even daily, is is the desire...but the action and effort; well, that's another story! I used to have an excuse for why I didn't diet/exercise/blog/ I just have to 'fess up to the fact that I.AM.LAZY!

Can you imagine how much more productive we would all be (and I am speaking to myself as well when I say this) if every one of our intentions was backed by an effort equal to the passion we feel when we develop that initial thought of 'I want to, or I wish I...'??? With school lurking on the horizon again, I am feeling the urge to schedule and organize and have a routine again. Those things I am very good at. My goal for this year is to put forth an effort and action with each of my intentions...and see where I end up in May. Where will your intentions take you?

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  1. I love routines - they can be really comforting and ensure the things you want to do get done. With blogging though, it's a hobby, right? And a hobby shouldn't make you feel all pressured and stressed. So I'd just keep blogging when I felt like it and keep it enjoyable. Just my two cents :)


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