Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacay Babay!

Hubs and I are just recovering after being home for a week from a little over a week guessed it...Disney World!!! We took the kids, rented a house, and had a blast! Among the seven cameras being used, we accumulated over 1500 photos of our expedition...of which 1427 remain as I sift through the blurry, the random, and the unexplainable to get to the good. With all of that being said, you will be viewing tons of pics for a while.

To hit the highlights of our trip, check out this little preview of posts to come!

Day 1: All four kids on an airplane for the first time!
Day 1: 10th Birthday dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom
Day 2: Epcot

 Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Day 4: Daytona Beach

Day 5: Animal Kingdom

Day 6: Hollywood Studios

Day 7: Do-Over Day...Magic Kingdom it is!

Day 8: St. Pete's Beach on birthday #33...AND...

Day 8: Tampa Bay to see Andruw Jones, DEREK JETER, and Robinson Cano (among others) on my birthday!
Sadly, on day 9, we flew home. It was certainly an action packed adventure...hubs and I need a vacay from that vacay! More details to come soon...

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  1. Looks like you guys had some adventures here in florida!


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