Sunday, April 17, 2011

Organized Chaos

My side of the chairs in our bedroom is very messy. I tend to 'collect' things where I spend most of my home time. Things like scraps of paper where I jot notes, my flash drives, the wireless mouse, my camera and cords, pens, unread magazines; you get the general idea here. It's pretty bad. See?

Hubs is planning to make me a shelf to sit on the other side of my chair where I can house these random things, along with books, my craft bag, laptop case, etc. I got to thinking that I didn't want all this tiny crap hogging up space on a beautiful new shelf, so I bought two new baskets. I detest unlined baskets, so I also bought some material to line them with.

And so commences the crafting. I had to figure out how to line a basket, and I didn't want to sew anything so bring on the hot glue and let the creating begin!

 I folded over a half inch lip on each edge and glued it down. I made sure to put extra dabs of glue at the corners. See above and below!

 The next step was rather tricky. Before I began gluing, I measured the material by acting as though I were wrapping a box with paper on three sides. Genius that I am, I did not take into consideration that the corners were going to be a problem. When it came time to line the basket, I ran into a few problems. My solution was to put glue in the bottom of the basket at all four edges. I put the material in, mashing it down to the glue (having made sure that the center of the material was in place first, of course), and laying the excess over the sides of the basket. I then tucked and folded the material into the corners and left a gap for the handles, gluing as I went. It wasn't my intention for the material to overlap the sides of the basket, but I think it works.

Like I mentioned earlier, the basket will grace a place on the shelf that I don't have yet :-). For now, it is sitting on the table by my chair. I still have to line the second basket, as I ran out of time today due to a necessary fishing trip! Results: infinitely better as organized chaos!

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  1. It looks fantastic, and you're so handy!

    My study is a whole room full of miscellanea, i think i need to get me some baskets! :) Xx

  2. Your side of the bed looks just like mine only mine might be even worse! I use a telephone table as a nightstand which only encourages me to pile books, kleenex, glasses, clothes, you name it on it :)

    Have a great night!


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