Monday, April 18, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

There is no place more peaceful than on the water. It can be a swimming pool (minus screaming kids), a beach, or the lake...from any vantage point; the dock, the chaise lounge, in the water, the boat, a canoe, or ankle dip in sand...just being near, on, or in the water relaxes me more than anything else can. Catching fish when around said water is just an added bonus. Hubs and I managed to squeeze some time in on Sunday to hit a friend's pond in the canoe. He is so perfect that he carried me from the canoe to the truck so that I didn't have to dodge the frogs when the fishing was done and it was dark and froggy. Those of you that have been reading awhile know how big of a deal this was...those that don't, read here to find out!

Anywho, we went, we fished, and we conquered. I have 'fish thumb' (my poor thumb is bruised and chapped from taking those giant creatures off the hook), a few pictures, and a hooked finger to prove it!

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