Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've Got Good Air!

Kids really do say the darnedest things. Sometimes the things they say can make your day, make your soul smile, or break your heart. I get a little of each of those every day in my kindergarten classroom.

This year one of my kinderkids in particular surprises me everyday with something she says. She is very much a "tomboy," hating everything pink, ruffly, or remotely girly. On the first day of school, I had a little gift for each child including pink heart erasers for the girls. She stomped her foot and said she hated it; that she just wished everyone would quit acting like she's a girl! HAHA! A few months into the school-year, I was walking by her and she whipped her head up and said, "Hey! You better walk by me one more time!" It caught me off-guard, so my response was, "Huh?" She turned her nose towards me and said, "Oh Mrs. Knight, when you walk by me, your air blows over me and makes my nose smell good things! Please walk by me again!" It was pretty cute!

This baby lives in a pretty sad situation, so I had a brilliant idea. I took my perfume to school...Coach Signature Fragrance, no less...with the intention of spraying a bit on her coat so she could take my 'air' with her everywhere she went. When I showed it to her, she refused. Little thing told me she "didn't want ta' smell like no girl!" HAHAHAHAHA! However, last month, she asked me again..."Mrs. Knight, how come your air has to smell so good? It makes my nose happy when you walk by!"

One of many Joyful Moments in kindergarten!


  1. This is cute; love that you have good air but she's too much of a tomboy to let you share it (my daughter used to be like that, too). Visiting from the Weekend Wander on FTLOB; have a great weekend!

  2. I love the fact that you work in kinder too!!! I'm only an aide though but I love my little stinkers ;) I have a little one like this and she loves to use my lotion, she says it "makes her pretty"

  3. What a great story; it was really thoughtful of you to go out of your way to make her feel good. Makes me miss teaching :) Glad I came by from joyful jones!

  4. So cute! That's so funny. My mom used to spray her perfume on my clothes for me and I loved it! THANKS for linking up!


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