Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Good Things Must Come to an End... spring break. Sigh. The end is bittersweet: on one hand, it means my mini-time as a SAHM is over until June; on the other hand, it means school is almost over for 2010-2011. The week was busy! On Monday I went to the dentist, worked out, gardened, blogged, napped, and cleaned house a bit. Tuesday morning was spent at the spa gettin' my hair did, then a nap, picked up the girls, took the boat out and fished til dark. Wednesday, I was back in the garden and running errands. Boo went to my grandma's to play with visiting cousins and ended up staying there until Friday morning! Lefty had a friend over until late Thursday evening. On Thursday evening, we got Loo and The Boy. I spent the day running errands again and sewing this darling little thing for Loo...

On Friday, The Boy and Loo went to their Mimi's for breakfast and a morning visit. I packed. We took all four kiddos to NWA (northwest Arkansas) for a spring shopping trip, and an attempt at a Razorback Baseball game. The shopping happened, but due to rain/sleet/spitting snow and VERY.COLD.WIND, the ballgame did not. Chris and The Boy went to another sports event instead (details about that to come in a different post). The girls and I shopped until we literally dropped. Here are some pics of the day:

Lefty being bored in GapKids

Loo looking springy in GapKids

Boo being dramatic in GapKids

 Chris and The Boy joined us around noon at the mall, and the kiddos had to try out the 'hurricane simulator.' Lefty wouldn't get in because she did not want to mess up her hair. Go. Figure. 


We were so tired when we got home Saturday night that we felt blahhhh. We weren't too blah for a fashion show though!!! The girls had to show off their new outfits before we even washed them!

Needless to say, Sunday was spent in recovery. There were mountains of laundry to do. Bags to unpack. Homework...can you believe that? Homework for spring break to be completed. No rest for the weary! Back to school tomorrow!!!

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