Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writer's Workshop Week 1

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Over at Bloggy Moms, I am a member of Writer's Workshop. The current challenge is to write a post about a quote that moves me. The quote that I chose is one that I have used as a tool for survival during some really tough stuff.
"I have no regrets in my life. I think that everything happens to you for a reason. The hard times that you go through build character, making you a much stronger person." Rita Mero

I am sure that this quote would move many people to feel many things. To understand why it was so vital to me, one might need to know a bit about my past. This is certainly not a comprehensive biography, just some quick snippets to help you see where life has led me.

Age 17: one week after high school graduation, I married my high school sweetheart. No I wasn't pregnant. I was escaping from an overbearing mother and a father that never wanted a daughter. They 'stayed together for the kids.' Stupid idea (on my end and theirs).
Age 18: Gave birth to Lefty, and then to Boo 20 months later. Dropped out of college (after being valedictorian in high school, with free rides to any school of my choice) due to bedrest with Lefty, and then just wanting to be a momma.
Age 20: filed bankruptcy. Managed to keep our house, but lost everything else, including vehicles. 
Age 22: Diagnosed bipolar/manic depressive. Given medication to control, and recommended for hypno-therapy. I declined the therapy and took the meds.
Age 24: Divorced, so that my high school sweetheart could marry the new hot thing that stroked his...ego. Stopped taking meds and doing just fine (8 years now) without them.
Age 24: Went back to school so that I could support my little family on my own, cuz heaven knows their dad doesn't do a bit more than is required of him. I guess we have been lucky he does what the court orders; I understand many don't do that much.
Age 26: Engaged. Bought him a truck, found him a left two weeks before the wedding. Yes, I should've seen the signs of a loser, but I was so tired of being lonely...
Age 27: Graduate college; get a teaching job. Yay! Finally things are looking up!
Age 27: Ectopic pregnancy. Very sick for a while before realizing what the cause was.
Age 28: Married again! Mentally and emotionally abused from the start...Accused of being abusive to his children after 5 months. Me? Really?!?! I asked him to leave 4 months after that when I found real-time porn of local people he was arranging to meet and 'greet,' for lack of more accurate terms...He denied it, while sitting there confronted with it staring at him...and then left and never came back. I did learn that he had a baby with one of those women a short 7 months after he left me. He did send me an apology text about 6 months later, saying he knew I had never done the things he accused me of and that I never deserved what he had done to me.
Age 28: Car accident. Broken back. Surgery. Still not at 100%, docs say I never will be. But hey, at least I can walk, which is more than I could do prior to surgery.
Age 29: Before my divorce was final, I met Chris. We didn't 'date' until I was a 'free woman,' but I had never felt more at peace with anyone than I was with him. At age 32, I married Chris in a beautiful beach ceremony. I have never been happier. I won't say that my life is suddenly perfect, but I will say that my 30s have definitely been the best of my life. I don't remember the last time life knocked me down, but I do know that if it does again, I will just do what I have always done...get back up, and be stronger for it. This quote reminds me to do just that, which is why it is so important to me.


  1. girl..
    me strength? look at you!

    & i dont know if you will check back, but you in NO way offended me :)

  2. Wow, that is quite the life story! I am so glad you found your happy ending--after everything you went through, you so deserve it :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. What a wonderful, honest post! Thank you for sharing it - your strength and resilience is inspiring.

  4. Wow. Just wow. You're able to go through all of this and still adopt that positive behavior. Good for you!

    I have to ask! If you're not taking medication, how are you managing your depression?

  5. Thanks for sharing. I, too, believe everything happens for a reason. Many people are amazed that I didn't turn out to be as crazy, depressed and financially struggling as the rest of my family, 'after all I had been through.' You have to look past things and make your life better for yourself and I had the desire to do that, as did you! I hope your 30s and beyond continue to bring positive joys to you, your kids and your marriage:)

    Bridget from

  6. Wow, what strength you have! And that is a truly inspirational quote. The other good thing about having such a rough past is that we are so much more appreciative of our present.
    I was also wondering how do you manage your bipolar disorder or do you feel you were misdiagnosed?
    Visiting from Bloggy Moms.

  7. You have led an amazing and trying life. I am so happy you have finally found a peace in your life. Your strength is amazing. And powerful. Thank you for sharing. Stopping in and following from Writers Workshop!


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