Thursday, February 3, 2011

Under the Weather

Good health has not been my friend in 2011 so far. For two weeks, I have battled being snotty and a horrible cough...and I am sick of being sick! On Tuesday night, I began feeling some pressure in my chest when I took deep breaths. The pressure worsened to the point that on Wednesday I called my SIL, who happens to be a doctor, and she wanted me to come to clinic for a breathing treatment. Her diagnosis was that I either had bronchitis or walking pneumonia, more than likely the latter, since I had a low-grade fever and a few other symptoms. So off I go with an inhaler and a ZPak. Then, I crashed. About two hours after seeing the doc, I started having chills and felt very feverish. Through the course of the night, my temp topped out at 102.8 and levelized at 100.4 this morning. I called the SIL back, and she said...then we're not dealing with've most likely got the flu, with bronchitis as a secondary infection. Great. So now I am on the ZPak, the inhaler, Tamiflu, and alternating meds to keep my fever and achiness down. And, wait for it...I am quarantined to my bedroom til Saturday morning. Boo.

On the plus side, as long as I keep the fever at bay, I don't feel that gives me more time to blog and blogstalk! Yay!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I worked last week through a terrible head cold, until I could finally take a day off on Friday. Then this week, I ended up with three snow days--wish we could schedule when those illnesses pop up!

  2. I know, right?!? I had to miss the literacy caravan because of the flu. AND had to use a sick day today when school is dismissing before half day because of snow. What kinda luck is that?

    I wondered where you were...been missing your comments already, but hadn't felt like stalking you the last couple of days :-) Hope you are all better now!

  3. Hi there! Stopped over from FTLOB. And glad I did!
    Sorry to hear that you a sicky mc sickerson. Hope the quarantine goes well and you put yourself into a self induced Nyquil Coma. :)


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