Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Weigh In Again

The scale said I was up a pound today from last Monday. Since I did 4 work-outs, only had one soda, drank a lakeful of water (sure seemed like it), and felt like I had no appetite, I was really disturbed by the gain. I won't continue to ramble about my disgust at myself, I will spare you the horror! For the coming week, my plan is to pull another 4 work-outs and drop 3 pounds (the one I gained back, plus 2 more).

This past weekend brought us ah-may-zing weather! I was so glad we had all of our babies here for such a beautiful couple of days. It was 78 degrees on Saturday, and close to that on January! We took a great walk around the neighborhood, Chris played kickball with the kiddos, and I helped Boo do some final projects for her room. The final results are adorable!

 We splatter-painted 8x8 canvases with various shades of the colors used in her room decor. I found some metal alphabet cut-outs to spell out her name on them. We will use these as a centerpiece for her wall.
 She also splatter-painted some longer canvas to flank the sides of her full length mirror. This project was so easy! We were worried about the technique and tools to make it work right, but had no problems...even 7 year old Loo helped!
The lamp was an $8 plain canvas shade on a chrome stand. We added a bit of fluff and some buttons...and got mega cuteness!

Also this weekend, I finished reading the user guide to my Kindle. I downloaded 4 new books, including the sequel to Beautiful Creatures, and I am so totally in love with this machine! It fits perfectly in my hands, reads so easy, and is great for carrying anywhere I need to go. Flippin' awesome! So here is my 'book nook:'

Happy parenting, crafting, and reading!!!

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  1. Hi from Bloggy Moms. I love the canvases with the splattered paint & the alphabet cutouts. Very cute! I might have to try something like that:D I'm your newest follower.

    Believing Unbeliever


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