Friday, February 4, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

What a cute idea for a blog hop! Love it! Link up with your own 'good, bad, and ugly'! Be ready to think...this one is tough to write!

The Good:  It is snowing; school was dismissed at 10:30 this morning!
The Bad:  I had already called in for a sick day because I have the flu.
The Ugly:  Losing a sick day on a snow day AND having to make up not one or two days in June...but 4 so far! It is supposed to snow more on Monday and Wednesday.

The Good: I have lost 5 pounds since January 1!
The Bad: Four of those pounds have been due to the flu.
The Ugly:  Because I didn't work to lose it, I will probably gain it (plus some) back. Tis the pattern.

The Good: I was one of three chosen to view and rank materials for our new literacy curriculum adoption (reading/writing programs to use for the next 5+ years in our school for grades K-4).
The Bad: The workshop was today, and I have the flu = quarantined at home til Saturday.
The Ugly:  Workshop was cancelled due to inclement travel conditions, and may not be rescheduled.

The Good:  Hubs and I finished Boo's room re-do.
The Bad:  We still have to do Lefty's.
The Ugly:  She wants lavendar and Barney purple circus stripes on one wall. Could be cute...or could be a disaster, especially considering we have no idea how to paint stripes on walls.

The Good:  I am feeling the crafting bug coming on.
The Bad:  I have no idea what craft I want to start. Thought about a sewing project, but again...what to sew? New classroom curtains? A skirt for me? A dress for Loo?
The Ugly:  So many little time.

The Good:  It's February, which means it is time to start preparing our first garden plot.
The Bad:  We will have to build said garden plot.
The Ugly:  Gardens require so much dirty work...backbreaking dirty work.

The Good:  February also is the month of love...and Valentine's Day, for which our school gives a 4 day weekend, under the guise of 'mid-winter break.'
The Bad:  What the heck to buy the man who has everything?
The Ugly: We have all of the kiddos (again) for that 4 day weekend.

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