Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!!

To me the words 'snow day' = fabulosity! That is, until May when I realize I will still get to see the same 18 adoring fans staring at me yet another day, rather than beginning my summer vacation! I had some pictures to post of all of the productive things that Chris and I did this weekend, but alas, they will not upload from my phone, and the cord to my camera is MIA. MIA in my terms means that it is tucked away in some drawer or bag where I won't lose it. Guess what? I lost it. I also had photos of old projects, including the quilt that the babies and I made at school, which was donated to a family whose home and entire belongings were burnt in a house fire on Christmas Day.

The various projects that Chris and I completed this weekend (with our extra day today) included re-painting and re-decorating Boo's bedroom; spot cleaning the carpets; making freezer meals for the month (easy main dishes that I can pull out and simply heat up); updating some of my documents for school; and packing away the lingering remnants of Christmas decor (snowman dishes and wreaths on doors).

I so cannot wait for Boo to see her room. She has waited so patiently since we moved in (5 months), enduring a toddler boy theme of airplanes and baby boy blue. Now her room had bright lime green paint with turquoise zebra striped bedding and turquoise and purple accents throughout. Too cute! She will maybe cry.

Last Monday, Chris and I started a journey to change our 'foodstyle.' I am using that word in place of the word 'lifestyle.' We both have eating habits that are unhealthy (including eating out numerous times a week), and unfortunately our sexy physiques are showing those negative habits! We are taking the kiddos to Disney in July, so we both figure we have about 26 weeks to shed some weight. I would like to lose 45 lbs. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening by our trip; however, my goal is to lose a pound a week until we leave. The rest will come off after the vacation. This past week, we both only drank one cola (not diet), and we only ate out twice. For me, I am having to watch my snacking at school and resist temptation to take the easy choice and eat a school lunch. It is requiring me to plan ahead the night before, pack a lunch (mindful of the calories), and be sure to get a 30 minute work out done. The work out only happened three days last week. I hate exercise. I would rather do other things with my time. It is my nemesis. On a happy note though, I did lose my one pound in the first week.

Goals for week #2: exercise 5 days; drink 3 bottles of water each day; eat out only 2 times again; lose 2 lbs!

Starting weight = 162.8 lbs
1/10/11 weight = 161.6 lbs

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  1. 1st follower (yea) Love your goals!!! I wish you the best of luck. Stay focused and work hard!!!



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