Saturday, January 15, 2011

Music notes and nots

So Lefty, as we will call my oldest daughter, went on a school band trip this weekend to participate in 'All-Region Band' for the first time. She is thirteen and has a passion for music of all varieties. I have been so impressed with her abilities and determination in musical pursuits. She began playing the trumpet in the sixth grade band, consistently maintaining 'first chair' throughout the past two years. I am no musician, although in the shower I sound like a rock star, so you can imagine the pride I have in her. I have learned a lot by observing her journey through band and budding awareness of music around her. 'First chair' means that the students in her group (instrument and section) compete on a piece of music to see who plays it with the most expression and fewest flaws. She also has been teaching herself the piano, accompanied by the occasional tinkering around on the drums.

Anyway, back to the weekend at hand...I have seen Lefty perform at various band functions, of course, but nothing prepared me for the emotion I felt as I watched her take the stage with a group of people she had not met until 24 hours prior to performance. I was nervous; I was proud; I was impressed. Think about it. These kids have never played together...a hundred 8th and 9th graders...coming together to read and perform music that they had never seen before...with seven hours of intense practice as their only preparation. Wow.

And then came the music nots. On the way home (an hour and fifteen minute drive by the way) Boo, which is what we are calling my youngest daughter, decided to sing. If she is being for real, she has a very sweet singing voice. If she has the sillies, she can sound like a farm animal in distress. Unfortunately for our ears, today she was not singing for real. So when Lefty got in the car, she too decided that she could sing...which she absolutely can not. It was rough to say the least, but hilarious. We came in the house laughing so hard we cried.

Today was a prime example of moments in life that are precious. What was your precious moment today?

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  1. I love it! My girls and I love to be silly together too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday. (All Things Preteen) I look forward to reading yours! BTW, I love the play on words title of your blog. I didn't do that with mine, but with the last name Moore, I do that a lot too! We named our boat Moore Fun. :)


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