Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year! 2010 is coming to a close, and it was one of the best years of my life. In 2010, I worked on my master's degree, married my best friend, added two beautiful children to my family, and continued to watch my babies grow into gorgeous young ladies. I can only imagine that 2011 will be amazing and bring fantastic new things for me and the fam.

Christmas was bittersweet for me...on December 22 I had my annual gyno exams and was given potentially devastating news. As I was leaving the exam room, my doctor informed me that she had observed a 'spot' on my cervix. She described it as swollen and discolored, possibly simply a cyst, but her eyes seemed to say otherwise. She told me that we would talk more about it when the results of my Pap smear came in. Needless to say, I went home in tears and was extremely nervous about what those results might be. Having the worry of what it might be hanging over my head made Christmas an emotional day for me. I kept thinking that it might be the last healthy one I'd have, or the last one even...and what would my children remember of our last Christmas together? Many moments I fought tears, I certainly caught myself buying more gifts than I should've, and underneath it all I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am to have such a precious family. Today I got the results from my test...everything is cancer cells present...and when I told my husband, the look on his face told me how much I mean to him. He has been holding his breath, just as I have, in nervous anticipation of what might be. I am beyond thankful to have the opportunity to love him and our family for another year...hopefully many years.

So, I enter 2011 with a full heart and an eagerness to embrace life with my husband. It will be a year of new beginnings with my daughters as well, as I have determined to be a better truly listen instead of just hearing what they say...and to give them more time. I am horrible about getting bogged down in 'getting things done' rather than spending quality time doing things that really matter. Those are my 'resolutions;' essentially, remembering and focusing on the important family.

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