Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yay for lists!

The list did help, believe it or not. I managed to get the craft room clean enough to set my sewing machine back up and have my sewing table reclaimed from the mountain of Christmas gift wrap supplies that had taken over. The floor is mopped and the room is ready for me to begin quilting tomorrow!

I also helped Em and Ab get their rooms cleaned out and back in order for school to resume next week. Since we moved in August, their rooms have just been somewhat thrown together...but no more! Organization was the word of the day today. Those were three major obstacles/tasks/projects that I was fretting over being done...I am exhausted beyond standing any longer...but they are done!

Tomorrow I intend to tackle the quilt, my closet, and the game closet. I may also manage lesson plans tomorrow evening since Em is having her boyfriend over for New Year's Eve. Productivity is now my middle name.

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